A Bold Dream

UNS started as a bold dream: to provide a unique experience in a post-secondary education environment. A former liberal arts college, the UNS main campus was extensively renovated and expanded in 2000. Yet the tradition of the liberal arts and its emphasis on broad intellectual inquiry remains in our curriculum’s focus on applied programs in Business, Science and Technology. We are modern, forward-facing, and student-centric. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion while also recognizing the importance of tradition. A Tier 1 research-focused university, UNS is dedicated to a first-rate undergraduate experience.

The Courage to Imagine

The acquisition of the college and its land offered a unique opportunity: to create a purpose-built university campus. To do so required the courage to think outside of the box, to disrupt, to innovate, to challenge the norms and traditions of post-secondary education. Through a series of public-private partnerships, traditional classrooms were transformed into remote, flexible, and dynamic learning hubs, the bookstore into the Comet Market Place, and the library into the sector-leading administrative building, Administration 1.

The Confidence to Inspire

There are many challenges to being a leader. One such challenge is the confidence to inspire. At UNS we take this challenge seriously and it is visible across campus. It is modelled in the actions of the executive leadership, in the curriculum through the Foundations in Inspiration program, and through dozens of campus Inspiration Champions. Inspiration is the DNA of UNS.

UNS prepares students to be future leaders: to be bold enough to dream; courageous enough to imagine; and confident enough to inspire.

UNS Dream. Imagine. Inspire.