Danny Noonen, Associate Vice-President: Visioneering

To be the best university you need the best leaders. In 2001 UNS embarked on a bold mission to build an administrative structure that would befit the mission of the university to Dream. Imagine. Inspire.  Lead by the CEO / President, the resultant Best Executive Leadership Team (BELT) includes 36 Vice-Presidents and 82 Associate Vice-Presidents. The high-level visioning work of the BELT is supported by over 300 managers, associate managers and assistant managers. The result is an administrative structure that Times Post-Secondary Education described as “unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”  

“Universities are complex organizations. While some Universities see this complexity as a challenge, at UNS we see it as an opportunity. The BELT provides strategic, high-level leadership through our unique pyramid model of governance. Synergies and efficiencies identified by the BELT are activated across campus through multiple stakeholders and campus champions.” – Danny Noonen

By the Numbers

12 Strategic Plans

97 Active Taskforces

296 Reports / Fiscal Year

1860 PowerPoint Presentations