Spaulding Smails III recently received a new suit from his grandfather, namesake of UNS’ Smails School of Business and Free Market Capitalism (SSBFMC). The suit is grey though appears nearly black in some lighting conditions. Smails III first wore the suit last Tuesday for a presentation in SSB 240: Overcoming Ethical Dilemmas with Migrant Labourers. “I felt really powerful in the suit” said Smails III, “combined with the extra-large Cambria font I used in my Canva, I really think I knocked it out of the park.” Smails III says he looks forward to wearing the suit again for other presentations and hopes to one day get a blue suit in a similar style. When asked for comment, Chuck Schick, Associate Vice-President: Garments and Regalia, noted “Spaulding was practically beaming in that suit!”