UNS recently announced the launch of its latest strategic plan, Leading for Tomorrow, Today, which will guide the University’s decision-making from 2024-2029. While strategic plans are common, this particular plan is highly unique in that it was written entirely by ChatGPT. Maggie O’Hooligan, Associate Vice-Rector: Onboarding, explained the process. “We asked ChatGPT to create a strategic plan with three “pillars of excellence” that was “broadly consultative,” “future oriented” and “made-in-UNS.””  The resulting plan was so strong that it was adopted by the BELT (Best Executive Leadership Team) unanimously and without change. “It has everything you could imagine,” O’Hooligan said. “Innovation, entrepreneurship, best-practices, student-facing, it’s all in there” she noted, adding “the word stakeholder appears 67 times!”

O’Hooligan sees a bright future for ChatGPT at UNS. “If it can produce a document of such complexity as a strategic plan in less than a minute, just imagine what it could do with the comparatively simple task of teaching.” The Associate Vice-Rector says she can see ChatGPT being used to deliver first year courses, eventually teaching at other undergraduate levels as well. For O’Hooligan, it’s all about finding efficiencies. “The money in teaching that we can save with ChatGPT will enable UNS to pursue more high-level visioneering and strategic planning on a go-forward basis.”

Maggie O’Hooligan, Associate Vice-Rector: Onboarding, sees tremendous potential for ChatGPT at UNS: “It’s about harnessing the power of technology to create the world of tomorrow, today.”


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