Scooter, the longest serving therapy dog at UNS has become ill and will need to be de-activated from duty. According to Lacey Underall, Associate Vice-President: Therapy Dogs and Lazy Rivers, Scooter’s hair has recently begun to fall out. “He seems depressed” Underall noted, “not at all the Scooter we’re used to.” Scooter began working at UNS in 2002 and quickly became a campus sensation. In addition to his formal duties as a therapy dog, Scooter was often a presence at the Dining Hall and at Comet football games. But as the size of the UNS population grew, so too did Scooter’s workload. Dr. Drew Scott of the Faculty of Entrepreneurial Animal Science thinks Scooter’s recent illness is a direct result of his work environment. “Ironically,” Dr. Scott said, “after years of absorbing the anxieties of hundreds – perhaps thousands of students – it appears that Scooter is in need of therapy.” Scooter will spend the next few months at a nearby goat sanctuary where he will be allowed time to heal. Underall said, “we wish Scooter well and look forward to re-activating him after the minimal amount of time legally required.”

Dr. Drew Scott and two student volunteers examine Scooter in May, 2021.


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